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Transcoding a video is something you need to do at one time or another. Upload the clip to a platform with an allowed format. Transfer a video file in a supported file type to a smartphone or tablet. Or get the audio track from the MV and put it on an MP3 player. This article introduces a video clip converter that takes care of this need.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate 8.0

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is a standalone Windows app primarily to help you convert video formats. You are empowered to convert video files to over 180 formats. The supported input video formats include MKV, MP4, RMVB, AVI, MOV, FLV, etc. The output files cover a whole host of common video and audio file types, HD videos, 4K videos, and lossless multi-track MKV. Unlike some software products with confusing interfaces, it sports a simplistic and straightforward GUI, making it easy to navigate to the function you need.

Let's dive into how this desktop video converter gets you the desired format and enhances your video with feature-rich functionalities.

The main window of Leawo Video Converter Ultimate 8.0

Convert videos

Video Editing

Capture frame snapshots

Make a slideshow

Download videos

Burn videos to DVDs

Convert videos

  • Launch the program and press "Convert" on the navigation bar.
  • Drag and drop the source video into the workspace. Or import the file through "Add video".

add video to the program

  • Press the output format option. Here you can see the audio track and resolution in the pop-up menu.

check the audio track and resolution

  • Click on "Change" to select the exported format. To its credit, this application enables you to locate the desired format quickly in the profile search box.

search the desired output format in the profile search box

  • Click on "Edit" to edit the output video profile.
  • There are three quality levels for you to choose, "Best", "Normal", "Low". You can also configure the video codec, audio codec, resolution, bit rate, sample rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, and channel. Besides, the output profile can be saved as your customized profile.

edit the output video profile

  • Go back to the main window and here you can add the subtitle for the output video.

add the subtitle for the output video

  • When handling more than one file, you can choose to combine them together or convert them respectively by clicking on the button next to "Convert".

choose to combine multiple files together

choose to convert multiple files respectively

Note:Leawo Video Converter Ultimate lacks the ability to convert the audio to other formats.

Video Editing

If you want to edit the source file, just click on the editing icon and you will see a list of tabs in the left pane.

click on the "Edit" icon to edit the video file


There are three ways to trim the video length.

  • Move the markers to the select the certain part.
  • Pull the slider somewhere and click on "Set as start time" or "Set as end time".
  • Type in the millisecond time values .

trim the video


  • You can watermark a video with the text or image. It is possible to select font, color, size for the text and adjust the watermark transparency.

watermark the video


  • You can crop the video to make it fit the screen or get the desired areas. Select a scaling style from "Letter", "Pan", "Full", "4:3", "16:9". Drag, stretch, and squeeze the square shape to select the desired area. You can also enter the values of "Left", "Top" and "Size" to decide the position and size of the square shape. As you can see, you are allowed to flip the video horizontally or vertically and rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise.

crop the video


  • Here, you can get your video spiced up by adjusting the saturation, brightness, contrast, and volume.

add the effect to the video


  •  You can add one 3D effect to your video. There are 6 different 3D effects including "Red/Cyan", "Red/Green", "Red/Blue", "Blue/Yellow", "Interleaved", and "Side by Side". In addition, you also can change the 3D depth as required.

add the 3D effect to the video


  • Sometimes you might hear some noise in the video. Leawo Converter Ultimate can help you remove the noise quickly. Just slide the "Remove Noise" button to green and the noise will be gotten rid of.

remove the noise from the video

Apart from converting videos, Leawo Video Converter Ultimate doubles as a frame snapshot capturing tool, slideshow maker, video downloader and DVD burner. 

Capture frame snapshots

Perhaps one particular frame of the video can be used as a wallpaper. You can easily grab the image from the video using this video converter.

  • After importing the video to the main window, play it.

Play the video

  • In the preview window, drag the slide to where you want to capture the image and click on the "Screenshot" button. Then click on the folder icon next to it to find the saved screenshot.

take a screenshot

Make a slideshow

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate lets you create a slideshow with a couple of  images.

  • Throw images into the main window.
  • Here you can customize the image duration and transition duration. As for the transition effect, this application provides random, fade, spin, barndoor, checker spiral, elliptical, maximize, rectangular and so on.

the settings for creating the slideshow

  • Maybe you want to add a BGM piece to liven up your slideshow. On account of this, this video converter allows you to add audio to the output file as well as to set the audio effect.

add BGM for the slideshow

Download videos

The in-built video downloader is a boon for this application. You can take advantage of this tool to download videos from various sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Videobash, Funnyordie, Liveleak.

  • Press the "Download" option on the top bar. Type the URL in the address bar.
  • The videos with different resolutions appear in the right pane. Choose one you prefer and click on the download icon to dowload the video.

dowload videos using the in-built video downloader

  • You can set a homepage, choose the maximum number of download tasks, and decide to delete the browsing history or not on exit.

the settings for the in-built video downloader

Burn videos to DVDs

With regards to creating DVDs from videos, this video converter comes with some customizable settings.

  • First, you can choose the disc type, quality and aspect ratio at the bottom.
  • Second, there are many templates of which you can pick one for the disc menu.

choose one template as the background image for the disc menu

For further menu editing, hover the cursor over the template, click on the eye icon and go to the editing tab.

click on the eye icon to do the further editings for the disc menu

go to the editing tab

You can do the following settings for each chapter list page and home page.

  • Rename the video thumbnail and button and customize their font.
  • Adjust the position of the video thumbnail and button.
  • Use a local image or video file as the background image.
  • Add a piece of background music.

rename the button

rename the video title

add the background image

add the background music

  • When you are all set, click on "Burn", configure "Burn to" and "Save to". Then press "Burn" to start.

configure the "Burn to" and "Save to" settings

One Flaw

I find one flaw of Leawo Video Converter Ultimate but it's not a big deal. If Chinese is your only input language, when you edit the video, the CH icon will appear on the taskbar (Win 7).

The CH icon appears on the task bar

A little annoying to you? Below is the solution.

  • Go to English (United States) >Keyboard.
  • Select "US".
  • Click on "OK".

Choose "US" under "English (United States)

  • Apply the setting.

Click on "OK" or "Apply"

  • Remove this keyboard.

Remove the "English (United States) - US" Keyboard


Leawo Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful and straightforward utility to cope with video converting and editing. The response is fast and no errors and bugs occur during the converting process. Meanwhile the CPU and memory usage is low to moderate. It is fit for both novices and veterans. I always use this app to convert video to audio when it comes to ripping a song from a music video. Give it a try and I'm sure you'd love to put it in your arsenal.

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